All aspects of our construction standards are well above the Industry and Building Code standard. A few examples of our construction methods that are reflected in all aspects of our products, whether they are an oilfield floorplan, office project or camp facilities;

  • 2” x 10” Floor systems with laminated rim joints,
  • All floors have under sheeting and are insulated with minimum R20 Fiber Glass insulation,
  • All floor plans have a double layer of 7/16″ sheeting that is glued and screwed to the floor system,
  • All heating duct work is galvanized and built into the floor system,
  • All gas and plumbing is designed into the sub floor- no raised floors throughout,
  • Commercial grade Vinyl flooring and carpets with underlay throughout,
  • 2” x 6” Exterior walls, insulated with R20 Fiber glass insulation,
  • All exterior sheeting is glued and screwed for added strength and durability,
  • All interior walls are vinyl coated plywood (glued and nailed) unless a fire rated drywall is required for building codes,
  • All interior walls are insulated with R12 Fiber glass Insulation,
  • All plumbing connections are out of view but accessible,
  • Roof systems are 2”x 10” construction, insulated with R20 Fiber glass insulation,
  • All interior roofs have 5/8” Vinyl clad rated drywall,
  • Roof system is sloped for adequate drainage utilizing Dek Tek PVC roofing membrane system,
  • We use a multi -colour scheme of Brown/Tan and Black, 30 gauge ribbed metal for our exteriors, and all exterior points are water sealed,
  • The exterior colours are subject to the final approval of the client,
  • Designs can be customized to meet individual client’s requirements. “click here” to find out more.
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