All Equipment Meets or Exceeds Government and Industry Standards.


  • Centrifugal gas driven pump for moving water with in two hundred feet
  • Diesel pumps for many different applications. Large volume fluid transfer, to flood response, and sewer bypass
  • Sump pumps designed for tough industrial applications. Just plug in and go
  • Trash pumps commonly used for pumping drilling mud, but can also be used in other applications
  • Accessories required for all your pumping needs from hoses to floats and any fittings needed

Fluid Handling

  • Enviro Vac: Helps to keep a clean and safe environment throughout the rig. Also available with an optional heated building
  • Line Crossings: To protect pipes, hoses, and cables where traffic crossing is required
  • Sample Washers: To clean sample cuttings for the Geologist
  • Shale Dryers: Three designs to match up with any drilling rig
  • Fluid Transfer Pumps: Designed to move fluids from tank to tank
  • Wash Gun: High pressure wash pump helps to maintain a clean work area and keep equipment from clogging

Lighting & Power

  • Generators: From 6 Kw to 500 Kw wheeled or skid mounted to meet your needs
  • Light Towers: 6 Kw, or 20 Kw with Arctic package wheeled or skid
  • Light Stands: 220 volt single phase c/w 4 x 1000 watt lights


  • Frost Fighter: Clean burning, moisture free and simple to use. Quick connect ducts attach to the front caps to distribute the heat
  • Ground Heaters: A hydronic heater designed to thaw frozen ground and keep frost out. Circulates heated fluid thru flexible hose
  • Maxi Heat: Used for large areas to create comfortable working conditions


  • Rig Mats can be used to provide a solid base for equipment while on location

Low Profile Holding Tanks

  • 1,000 Gallon Low Profile Sewage Holding Tanks
  • Steel Skid – easy Hook Up for Transport
  • Easy Set Up on Location
  • Pilot Light to Indicate the System is On and Functioning Correctly
  • Lid Equipped with Man-way Access Lid
  • Heat-line 120 volt/15 amp, Ground-fault Equipped, Heat Trace is placed in a Continuous Coil between the Liner and Outer Shell of the Tank Bottom

Auburn’s Highly Qualified Service Technicians can provide regular on-site Maintenance for any Rental Equipment.  Contact our Rental Division for more information “click here”.