At Denille Industries Ltd. o/a Auburn Manufacturing Plant we have over 36,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Utilizing ten stages of production in the facility, ensuring a constant flow of production, reducing worker congestion at any one stage.  We strongly believe in efficiency; we want our staff to work smart and safe.

Denille Industries Ltd o/a Auburn operates in a cost effective environment, maintaining our high standards of quality control at every level.  Manufacturing every aspect of our Executive Relocatable Structures allows us to constantly improve the quality and amenities without affecting our customer’s cost.

Floorplans are completed by our in-house design team.  Our design team believes in listening to our client’s needs. Denille Industries Ltd. o/a Auburn believes in attention to details and superior products from start to finish.

  • Full welding/fabrication shop
  • Semi-automated framing table system
  • Overhead cranes to minimize manual handling of all materials
  • Modern sandblasting/paint shop
  • Automated CNC router cutting system in our cabinet department
  • PVC foil press for our laminated applications in our cabinets
  • Skate/track system for moving our structures/skids through the plant
  • Scissor lifts throughout the plant to minimize ladder work
  • Computerized inventory control program to ensure a steady flow of inventory

For construction methods of our Executive Relocatable Structures “click here”